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Technical Director / Manager - paid network construction experience, driver's license

Post duties:

1, responsible for network and equipment maintenance, management, troubleshooting and other daily work, to ensure the daily operation of the company's network.

2, responsible for the daily maintenance of the company's office environment, software and hardware and desktop system.

3, maintain and Monitor Company LAN and wan to ensure its normal operation and ensure the safe and stable operation of LAN and WAN during the working period.

4, install and maintain company's computer, server system software and application software, and provide technical support for other departments.

5, solve all kinds of hardware and software failures, record well, make periodic operation report.

6, maintain data center and backup system data.


1, communication, electronic engineering, automation, computer and other related majors, college degree or above, more than 1 years experience in grid system and IT system maintenance.

2, familiar with and master all kinds of computer hardware and software, and can install, debug and troubleshoot independently.

3, proficient in LAN maintenance and network security knowledge, proficient in LAN building and basic maintenance and troubleshooting of network devices.

4, skilled use of WINDOWS and server20002003 to maintain and manage servers.