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John Doe

John Doe

He graduated from the radio technology major of Southern China Institute of technology. He received a Bachelor of engineering, a Bachelor of engineering, a major in philosophy of Beijing Normal University, a diploma in a master's course, a master of business administration in the business administration of National University of Singapore, an overseas department of European University in Ireland, a doctor of business administration, and a post doctoral student in the Business School of Nanjing University in 2003.

He has visited the University of Denver, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney in Australia, Australian National University, National University of Singapore, the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Chinese University and so on.

He served as the Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of business management, South China University of Technology, and the postdoctoral fellow of Nanjing University. He is currently the deputy dean of the Minjiang University Xinhua business school and the director of the MBA project. He also serves as an external professor of the Nanjing University, a guest professor from Xiamen University, a guest researcher of Peking University, a guest professor of the modern enterprise management course of the National University of Singapore, and a guest professor of the master's degree in the master of science of management.