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Teacher Chen

He wrote a best seller like a novel.

In 1995, he joined IBM as a sales consultant and was responsible for the sales of telecom industry.

In 1998, he served as the sales director of the company and was responsible for sales in the north area.

In 2000, as a senior training supervisor, the Chinese district training department was managed, and the study and development of about six hundred sales staff, nearly two thousand employees and more than 300 middle level managers was carried out.

At the beginning of 2002, the professional manager training center of Tsinghua University, the economic management school of Peking University, and other agencies are talking about sales training courses, while providing training and consulting services for large enterprises such as Lenovo, China Mobile, NOKIA, ZTE communications and small and medium enterprises.

One of the 2003 China ten outstanding management trainer, senior lecturer training online training regiment.

The accreditation lecturer of the training institution has more than twelve years' experience in sales, sales managers, training, consulting and consulting in IBM, computer and other companies, and well-known sales management experts in China.